Venlo region

 The region’s status as a logistic hotspot and important horticultural cluster is clearly reflected in the local investment climate, the region’s rapid growth and the amount of recognition enjoyed by Regio Venlo.

Venlo – logistic junction

  • 50% of the overall lorry traffic between the Netherlands and Germany
  • 70% of the overall rail transport from the Netherlands to Germany
  • 58% of the overall rail transport from Germany to the Netherlands
  • 75% of the overall container transport from the Netherlands to Germany
  • 21,000 lorries pass the border near Venlo every twenty-four hours
  • 11 million tons of goods pass the border near Venlo by train every year
  • ECT Venlo handles 80,000 containers every year.

Venlo- important horticultural cluster:
In 2012 the Floriade will be organised immediately adjacent to the Fresh Park Venlo site. This World Horticultural Expo is boosting the region’s already highly innovative character. Entrepreneurs, research institutes and various authorities have joined forces in a partnership that creates boundless links in the fields of agriculture, food, foodstuffs, fresh produce and logistics. By participating in these initiatives, Fresh Park Venlo plays an important part in the growth of the regional and national economy, its ultimate aim being to enable the entrepreneurs at its business park to share in its growth.