Fresh Park Venlo

If it’s fresh products you want, then Fresh Park Venlo is where you need to be.

With an area of 130 hectares, more than 100 specialist companies and an invaluable amount of expertise and experience in the field of fresh products, our business park is gaining an ever stronger position.

Fresh Park Venlo is a fresh & food business park with an area of 130 hectares comprising an unprecedented clustering of companies, products and expertise in the field of fresh produce. Fresh Park Venlo is the home base of around 130 companies and suppliers, from growers to transport companies, from traders to packing companies, and from bulk to ready-to-cook fresh products. Meat, fish, dairy products, ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables – they all come together at Fresh Park Venlo.

This clustering of all these products and parties implies a great concentration of know-how - both theoretical and practical. Whether you’re interested in the development of new products, innovation in storage and packaging or the latest trends in logistics – here you’ll find all the know-how you need, whatever the scope of your own enterprise. Because any entrepreneur active in the field of fresh produce will benefit directly from the shared know-how, the short distances and the customised facilities.