Flexible accommodation

Fresh Park Venlo gives companies every opportunity to start up in business and to grow. An area of 130 hectares is purposefully reserved for branch-related companies that can benefit from each other’s know-how, facilities and development. This makes the business park an ideal basis for both small beginning entrepreneurs and large established giants aiming to strengthen their position.

Here, there is no risk of ambitious plans being abandoned on the drawing board; instead, they will reach maturity in less than no time. As the developer and manager of the business park, Fresh Park Venlo knows exactly what entrepreneurs in the fresh produce sector need. And all the park’s services are geared to meet those needs. The area still available at Fresh Park Venlo offers plenty of opportunities for growth. And for further expansion, if that is what your business should require in the future. Renting is an option, but you can also build premises yourself, or hire a contractor if that’s what you would prefer. You would be working within a context that is entirely in line with your business policies and is supported by the specialist expertise, flexibility and energy of Fresh Park Venlo.

At Fresh Park Venlo you will find precisely the right, quick and flexible solution for your enterprise.