Fresh Park Venlo (FPV) is the ideal location for companies active in the field of fresh produce; FPV is a community of companies that are directly or indirectly involved in fresh produce. Physical fresh products meet at FPV, but the business park is also the meeting point of the various links in the distribution chain of fresh produce.

FPV has a strong, transparent formula that it monitors itself, but it also provides a seed bed for cooperation and the development of new products and services for all parties involved. FPV respects those parties’ individual interests while simultaneously promoting the joint interests of the entire chain. In doing so, FPV continuously boosts improvement and creates all the conditions for ensuring optimum delivery of fresh products to consumers.

Fresh Park Venlo has formulated the following vision and mission to help it achieve its goals:

Fresh Park Venlo aims to be a market leader in the development and management of profitable accommodation for Fresh & Food companies.

Fresh Park Venlo aims to develop and manage the Fresh & Food concept, whose concrete product is the Fresh Park Venlo business park. The core principle of the Fresh & Food concept is to provide shared accommodation for Fresh & Food companies at a logistic location for the purpose of generating (logistic) synergy and creating opportunities for the exchange of know-how, innovation and efficient management for the companies established at the park.