Fresh Park Venlo was established as an auction site in the 1960s at the initiative of the Coöperatieve Venlose Veiling (CVV). The CVV bought a plot of land measuring 60 hectares between the Nijmegen-Venlo railway line and the A67motorway that was then still under construction. 1965 saw the official opening of what was then still called the ‘auction site’. The site grew tremendously from the very beginning. By the 1980s this explosive growth induced the CVV to join forces with its rival auction company VGV. After the merger, on 1 January 1990, the two auctions’ products were sold jointly. In 1992 the two parties joined the Coöperatieve Veiling Zuidoost-Nederland (ZON; Cooperative Auction South East Netherlands).

In 2001 ZON opted for a divisional structure with a separate branch for the management and expansion of the auction site. Introduced in 2000, the Fresh Park concept focuses on promoting chain cooperation in the fresh produce sector both within and outside the ZON site. Since then, dozens of initiatives have been launched.

As a result of a municipal reorganisation, Fresh Park Venlo has formed part of the municipality of Venlo since 1 January 2001. Strong international ambitions urged the organisation to change its name in 2008. Since 6 June 2008 the business park’s official name has been Fresh Park Venlo. A name that paved the way for attracting fresh products other than fruit & vegetables and ornamental plants, such as meat, fish and dairy products.