Fresh Park Venlo: fast lane for food into Europe

From a business park for companies in fruits and vegetables, Fresh Park Venlo is making a transition to a business park for the entire food sector. What has stayed the same are the multi-modal connections with Rotterdam, Antwerp and the European hinterland and the flexible accommodation possibilities.

"Because of its strategic location, Fresh Park Venlo is the primary fast lane for food into Europe", says Jan Vorstermans who is responsible for Business Development at this fresh and food park. "That makes it a very attractive location for internationally-oriented food companies. From Venlo, the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the European hinterland are all within easy reach, by road, rail and even water. Moreover, Venlo is connected to the motorways A67 and A73 and has access to two rail terminals and a inner harbour with barge and (reefer) container facilities. In addition, there are four international airports in the region, including Düsseldorf, Maastricht/Aachen and Liège. From Fresh Park Venlo, goods can be distributed throughout all of Germany within 24 hours."

Know-how and expertise
Through this convenient location and the excellent facilities which the business park has at its disposal, over 100 food companies have established themselves on the 130-hectare complex. Initially, these were mainly companies operating in fruits and vegetables, but in recent years Fresh Park Venlo has developed into a thematic park for the entire food sector. Vorstermans: "Meat, fish, dairy, horticulture, the entire food sector is represented here. Here, you will also find growers organizations, processing and packaging companies, logistics service providers and trading companies; large enterprises, small ones and everything in between. Because there are, in this park, so many food establishments together, it is a safe, inspiring environment for businesses in that sector. There is a lot of know-how, a great deal of innovation and there is logistical activity 24/7 to the European market. These are positive factors which any business can take advantage of."

Flexible accommodation
Another area in which Fresh Park Venlo sets itself apart are the flexible accommodation possibilities. "Thus, a cold store room can be rented for a month and a warehouse unit for a year. There is also sufficient space for new construction, even for buildings with floor space of over 15,000 m². Moreover, new businesses can be realized here at lightening speed. A new building can even be set up within 10 months. Continuing to grow, starting a business, founding a start-up, developing e-commerce activities; all of this is possible at Fresh Park Venlo."

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